Glendale Car Accident Attorney

Glendale Car Accident Attorney: Your Road to Recovery

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Glendale Car Accident Attorney: Your Road to Recovery

If you’ve been injured in a Glendale car accident, or in an auto accident anywhere else in California, then you could be entitled to significant compensation for your losses. That being said, car accident disputes can seem simple or straightforward on the surface, but in reality, there may be unique complications and challenges as your case develops. As such, it’s critical that you consult with experienced personal injury lawyers who understand how to strategically navigate these challenges and push your case forward relentlessly. Consulting a personal injury lawyer is crucial to navigating the complexities of car accident disputes effectively.

Before you get started with an attorney, you may have some basic questions about car accident attorneys and what they can do to help you. Car accident victims face not only physical injuries but also financial and emotional challenges that can be overwhelming without the right support. A skilled lawyer can provide the necessary assistance to overcome these challenges. Let’s take a brief look to clarify how representation works, and how it can help.

Read on to learn more! Additionally, car accident victims can take advantage of a free consultation to discuss their case without any upfront cost, ensuring they understand their rights and options for pursuing compensation.

How much do car accident lawyers charge in California?

Plaintiffs’-side accident lawyers — in California and elsewhere — usually work on a contingency basis.

Contingency representation doesn’t cost anything upfront or out-of-pocket — instead, they take a percentage cut of the total compensation that they secure on your behalf.  This percentage cut can range from 25 percent to 40 percent or more, depending on the phase of litigation.

The best part of contingency representation?  There’s no risk.  You only pay if you “win.”  If you don’t secure any compensation, then you don’t have to pay.  This creates a beneficial incentive dynamic for your dispute.  That’s because the attorney is incentivized to represent you efficiently and effectively to maximize your total compensation — after all, the more you get paid, the more they get paid.

Win, win!

In this process, the role of the insurance company is crucial, as they are often the ones to negotiate with regarding your compensation. An experienced attorney can be invaluable in dealing with insurance companies, ensuring that you do not accept an initial offer that undervalues your claim and working to secure a settlement that truly compensates for your damages.

How long do you have to sue for a car accident in California?

Understanding the statute of limitations for filing a car accident claim in California is crucial, as it sets the deadline for initiating legal action after a car accident. For motor vehicle accident claims, including car accidents, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of injury. It’s important to note that different deadline periods may apply if the circumstances of your case vary.

In disputes involving a public entity (e.g., the City government, if you’re suing due to a poorly maintained traffic light that led to your motor vehicle accident), there are additional requirements, such as a six-month claim submission process that precedes the lawsuit itself.

Adhering to these deadlines is vital for the success of your car accident claim. Missing the submission deadline could lead to the California courts automatically dismissing your claims, considering them abandoned, and relinquishing your right to compensation under the law, thereby preventing legal recovery.

This underscores the importance of consulting with a car accident law firm or an individual car accident attorney who can manage your claim efficiently and ensure that all deadlines are met.

If you’ve missed your deadlines, don’t lose hope. Exceptions, such as the “Discovery Rule,” might apply to your case. This rule allows the two-year limitations period to start only once you actually discover your injury, if it was hidden and nonobvious, potentially extending the timeframe for your claims to remain active.

Damages in a car accident dispute

Damages in a car accident dispute can vary greatly from case to case, as the facts of each case are going to be unique — after all, your life and your losses will be specific to your particular circumstances. This complexity underscores the uniqueness of each car accident injury case, where the determination of damages involves understanding intricate legal principles such as comparative fault and the potential liability of various parties. Thus, two people may have substantially different damage claims despite having been involved in the same accident.

Claimable losses include:

  • Wage loss
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Medical expenses (i.e., medical bills) including treatment for traumatic brain injuries, which are among the most common and severe injuries resulting from car accidents. These can range from mild concussions to severe brain damage, leading to long-term symptoms like memory loss and headaches.
  • Property loss (i.e., cost of repairs, damage to vehicle)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of companionship
  • And more

For example, suppose that you’re in a car accident where you sustained serious enough injuries that you had to go into surgery. The medical bills for your surgery (and other medical care) comes out to $100,000. By contrast, another person in the same circumstances might not have sustained the same injuries and therefore might have a much smaller medical expenses total.

Given just how varied the damages can be from case to case, it’s critical that you consult a qualified attorney for guidance on damages and what can be done to maximize the legal recovery.

How do car accident settlements work in California?

Most motor vehicle accidents disputes, especially those involving auto accidents, end in settlement. In fact, industry observers estimate that as much as 95 percent of disputes are resolved through a settlement compromise. That’s significant!

But why?

The truth is, that trial litigation is demanding financially and energetically. It’s exhausting, and it’s also very public. Finally, it’s uncertain. Though you might have a strong case, there’s always the off-chance that the court does not award you a “win,” or that they do award you the “win” but pay you less than what you think you deserve.

To avoid all the hassle of litigation, most disputing parties prefer negotiating a settlement compromise. The parties evaluate the strength of the claims, and how likely it is that the injured plaintiff will receive their desired compensation were the case to eventually proceed to trial. The evaluation process of a motor vehicle accident case during settlement negotiations is crucial, as the strength of the case significantly influences the settlement amount.

For example, perhaps the plaintiff demands $100,000 in damages. However, the parties agree that there is only a 50 percent likelihood that — if the case were to go to trial — the plaintiff would receive the desired amount. Under these circumstances, a $50,000 settlement would be a reasonable amount.

Punitive damages may be available

In some extreme cases — where the other driver (or any other liable party) acted egregiously, maliciously, or intentionally in causing you injury — California courts may consider the imposition of punitive damages. Punitive damages are different than normal “compensatory” damages, in that they are not meant to cover your losses. Instead, they are meant to “punish” the defendant for their egregious behavior, and discourage others from engaging in similar behavior with a negative social outcome.

Punitive damages are worth pursuing, when possible, as they are bonus damages that are tacked on to the compensatory damages total. In fact, punitive damages are generally calculated as a multiplier on the compensatory damages and can go up as high as seven times the compensatory damages total.

For example, if you receive $100,000 in compensatory damages for your various losses, the court could potentially award you up to $700,000 in punitive damages. That’s an $800,000 recovery — a substantial increase!

That being said, punitive damages are not easy to secure, nor are they common. Whether they are imposed is up to the discretion of the court. As such, it’s worth consulting an experienced injury lawyer who knows how to position your claims before the court so that they will properly consider the imposition of punitive damages.

What do car accident lawyers do to help win my case?

Car accident attorneys specialize in handling car accident injury cases, taking on a variety of tasks from beginning to end of a case to ensure those injured receive the justice and compensation they deserve. Their responsibilities in managing a personal injury case include:

  • Identifying, gathering, and preserving relevant evidence
  • Investigating the accident scene
  • Assisting the injury victim in receiving adequate medical care
  • Communicating on the injury victim’s behalf with opposing counsel, law enforcement, and insurance carriers (as well as insurance adjusters)
  • Working with witnesses to develop supportive testimony
  • Developing a persuasive legal argument for the personal injury case
  • Negotiating a potential settlement in the personal injury case
  • Pushing forward to trial, if necessary
  • Securing the compensation payment after it has been awarded
  • And more

It’s important to understand that attorneys are not just courtroom advocates. Their role is comprehensive, focusing on cases with injuries, and they can help you maximize your chances of success in a number of different ways. That’s why it’s so important that you consult an experienced Glendale personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Glendale, CA — or anywhere else — then it’s important that you explore your legal options. A Glendale car accident lawyer can offer you the local expertise and support needed to navigate the complexities of your case. The losses you suffered can potentially be claimed as damages and recovered in the form of monetary compensation. That being said, suing for compensation isn’t always a straightforward path. Depending on the complexity of the dispute, you could encounter a variety of complications and opportunities.

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