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How an Attorney Can Protect Your Rights After a Motorcycle Accident | Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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How an Attorney Can Protect Your Rights After a Motorcycle Accident | Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately common. Over 83,000 motorcycle accident injuries occurred in 2020, involving some of the more than 8.3 million registered motorcycles across the U.S. That same year, per 100,000 registered motorcycles, the injury rate was 992, with an injury rate of nearly 500 per 100 million miles traveled. 

Motorcyclists who suffer injuries in an accident have rights and deserve compensation for their damages. Unfortunately, they often aren’t aware of these rights until it’s too late, which can impact how much compensation they receive. The best way to become informed, and to protect your rights if you have been injured in an accident, is to hire an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. Let’s explore how they can help.

What Type of Lawyer Handles Motorcycle Accidents? 

Personal injury lawyers, especially those who work with motor vehicle accident claims, typically handle motorcycle accidents, too. It’s usually best to hire an attorney who specializes in this area and has extensive prior experience handling motorcycle accident claims.  

How Do You Respond to a Motorcycle Accident? 

At the scene of the accident, it’s best not to apologize or even interact more than necessary with the other parties. If you need to go by ambulance to the hospital with paramedics, do so. Otherwise, speak with the responding law enforcement officers about what happened and not the other parties involved. What you say, even an innocent apology can come back to harm your injury claim down the road.  

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

The best way to respond to a motorcycle accident is to seek medical care right away and the services of a qualified motorcycle accident attorney as quickly as possible. By getting medical care, you are taking care of your health and helping to secure your rights to full and fair compensation. Be sure to listen to your doctor’s advice and follow them carefully.  

Once you are medically stable and able to do so, reach out to a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer for help. They can review the circumstances of the accident and your injuries to help you with the appropriate next steps and provide you with an estimate of your damages.

What Can I Do to Protect My Rights After a Motorcycle Accident?

The single most effective way to protect your rights after a motorcycle accident is to secure the representation of a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer. You can rely on them in many ways to protect your rights after an accident.

What Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?

Motorcycle accident lawyers can: 

Handle Communications with the Adjuster and Insurance Company

One of the ways a lawyer for motorcycle accidents can help is by taking over communications with the adjuster and insurance company on your behalf. This protects you from saying anything that could potentially harm your accident claim or decrease its value. If you must speak to the insurance company or their adjuster, your motorcycle injury lawyer can be present with you protecting your interests. 

Collect and Preserve Evidence in Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

Without valuable evidence in support of your bike accident and injuries, you could lose your rights to compensation. A well-versed motorcycle accident attorney knows what evidence to collect to support your auto accident claim for compensation and how to best preserve it, which will also preserve your legal rights.  

Ensure Your Auto Accident Case is Filed Within the Statute of Limitations

Ensure your auto accident case is filed within the applicable statute of limitations. Suppose your motorcycle accident claim does not settle out of civil court. In that case, your personal injury lawsuit must be filed by a date outlined in your state’s statute of limitations. This is generally between one and four years after the date of your bike accident. If your case isn’t filed within the deadline, you may lose the right to pursue accident compensation. Sometimes, deadlines can vary depending on the specifics of your accident case. One example of this is when there is involvement from a government entity. Having a well versed motorcycle accident injury lawyer on your side is imperative, it ensures you don’t miss crucial deadlines.  

Help You Get the Medical Care You Need After a Motorcycle Accident

Help you get the medical care you need. Your lawyer can ensure that you seek the right medical care from licensed medical professionals whose opinions will help support your claim.  

Negotiate an Auto Accident Settlement With the Insurance Company

Negotiate an auto accident settlement with the insurance company knowing your claim’s value. If you were to handle this alone, you might end up settling for much less than what you deserve based on your damages. Your attorney will fight for the value of your claim and is skilled in pointing out the strengths in your case and the weaknesses in the insurance company’s case.  

Warn You About the Dangers of Social Media Use During a Personal Injury Case

Unfortunately, too many accident victims don’t realize how their social media accounts can negatively impact their claims. Insurance companies will track down an injured victim’s social media account. They, in turn, will use anything they can find to deny or devalue their claim. For instance, you post Instagram pictures of you at a friend’s wedding reception months after your accident. They could construe this to mean you are feeling fine, and that you do not still suffer from your injuries. Even though, in reality, you went on crutches and enjoyed the entire night sitting in a chair.  

The best motorcycle accident lawyer will know exactly how to protect your legal rights and interest. They do this, so that you can receive maximum auto accident compensation for your injuries.  

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