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Real Stories from Car Accident Settlements with 1-800-THE-LAW2 | Car Accidents Attorneys

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Real Stories from Car Accident Settlements with 1-800-THE-LAW2 | Car Accidents Attorneys

Our attorneys work with injured drivers and passengers every day to fight for the fair car accident settlement stories they deserve. They understand that an auto accident settlement doesn’t just mean justice. It means being able to:

  • pay medical bills
  • get your car fixed
  • take care of your family, and
  • get your life back together

The effects of an auto accident go far beyond getting your car repaired and seeing a doctor. The injuries you sustain, bills, and loss of income are long-term problems. Haggling with your insurance, as well as that of the other driver, is stressful. Insurance companies often do not have your best interest in mind, including your own insurance company.

Here are some stories of people who decided to take control after their accidents and called us for legal representation.

Car Accident Settlement Stories

Rear End Accident Settlement Story

Macy E. was one block from home when she was rear-ended. The other driver was hostile towards her, so much so that the ambulance couldn’t give her assistance.  The other driver was yelling that it wasn’t her fault and that she wasn’t going to pay anything.

Macy suffered neck and back injuries as a result of her accident, and she said the bills were extreme. Her doctor was expensive, the treatment was expensive and she said that she had a lot of bills that were coming in constantly. She decided to call us to get help with her case and “got more than I wanted. I never would have thought it would have come out to be that much.”

Rear-End Collision Settlement Example

Macy’s auto accident settlement of $15,000 covered the cost of getting her car repaired, her medical expenses and the cost of her travel to and from the doctor. Macy says of her auto accident lawyer “Still have his contact number and would use him again. When you find somebody you can trust you want to stick with them”

T-Bone Car Accident Settlement Story

Denise T. was on her way home from work when she was T-boned on the passenger side by someone who ran a red light. Her car was spun around five times from the impact. She suffered bruises and had back problems following her T-bone accident. Her car was also totaled. After the T-bone car accident she was out of work for four to five months and ended up losing her job.

How to Get the Most from a T-bone Car Accident Settlement

Denise knew that she needed to get help and called our experienced car accidents lawyers. Denise’s auto accident lawyer got to work on her personal injury case right away and was able to get her car accident settlement so that she could buy herself a new Acura MDX. Denise said she enjoyed how quickly her car accidents lawyer began working on her case after she called “They came out to my home the next day. They made me an appointment immediately to go to therapy. I went to therapy for about four months and that helped quite a bit.”

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If you were injured in an auto accident, don’t go it alone. An attorney for car accidents can help you get your medical bills paid, get your body shop bills paid, maximize your settlement and save you time, money and frustration. To get someone on your side that will fight for the settlement you deserve with no out of pocket cost call us today!

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