Workers’ Compensation Stories – Real Settlements

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Workers’ Compensation Stories – Real Settlements

If you were hurt at work, it’s easy to think that you can handle the claim on your own. But the workers’ compensation claims process is difficult to navigate and you will be up against a large company that has their own lawyers and own interests in mind. You need a lawyer who can fight for a fair workers’ compensation settlement to help cover your medical costs and lost wages.

We talk to injured workers every day. Many of them were left with no income and a family to support after they were injured on the job.  Our attorneys were able to help get them workers’ compensation settlements that allowed them to pay their bills, cover their medical expenses, and eventually get back on their feet.  Here are some of their stories:

Christina S. Christina worked as a forklift driver, loading and unloading trucks on construction sites, when she was injured.  She was cutting open bands of sheet metal when one of the sheets slid open and sliced her arm nearly down to the bone. She lost lots of blood and was given 15 stitches.

Christina was out of work for three months, and her employer asked her to pretend as if the accident never happened. When she tried to return to work her employer told her she no longer had a job.

Christina says without receiving her workers’ compensation settlement she would have “lost my car, I would’ve lost my apartment, I would’ve lost… basically everything. I would’ve lost everything.” She added that she wouldn’t have had a way of paying her medical bills, which would have affected her credit.

Her case settled within a month of her contacting us and she received a workers’ compensation settlement that was $5,000 more than she had expected.

Adrian C.  Adrian was adjusting a bale on a truck he was loading by pulling on string. When the string snapped, he fell 16 feet to the ground. He hurt his hip, knee and elbow and suffered bruised bones. When he reported his injury, his employer asked him not to file a workers’ compensation claim and said he would take care of it. Adrian lost two weeks’ worth of work and his medical bills were very expensive. He was billed $16,096.80 for just one emergency room visit.

Adrian realized that he needed help to get his bills covered and to make up for lost time at work. He called our attorneys and the next day an investigator was sent out to his home.

Adrian received help with every step of case and the monetary compensation he deserved. He was happy he didn’t have to pay anything upfront or deal with the complexities of his case: “I wouldn’t know where to begin; it’s just not something a regular, average person can handle.”

Get the Workers’ Compensation Settlement You Deserve

Your employer may not always have your best interest in mind, and it’s up to you to find someone who can fight for your rights as a worker. Keep in mind that you only have 30 days to notify your employer of an injury you received while working. It’s important to report your case, see a doctor and call an attorney as soon as you can.

Problems associated with a work injury don’t end after seeing a doctor or filing a claim, they’re long term. It’s important to make sure that you consult with a workers compensation lawyer to improve your chances of receiving the maximum workers’ compensation settlement. You want to be sure that the money you’re awarded will take care of you and your family for as long as you need it.

Save yourself time, money and frustration. The consultation is free and confidential and with our attorneys, either you get paid, or you don’t pay at all. 

Our offices are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we can assist you no matter when your accident occurs.

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