Bicyclists Have a Serious Risk of Injury | Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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Bicyclists Have a Serious Risk of Injury | Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Millions of people in the United States are bicyclists, meaning they ride bikes on a regular basis. They choose cycling for a variety of reasons: commuting, leisure, exercise, competitive racing, and more. If you are a bicyclist, you may be aware that riding a bike on streets and trails in the United States can be extremely dangerous. 

Sadly, when it comes to the design of safe bike paths, city planning in this country lags behind much of the rest of the world. Unused to the presence of cyclists, drivers do not always understand how to safely navigate around cyclists. American cyclists are particularly vulnerable, as many times, they share roadways with cars and other vehicles. The statistics support this unfortunate conclusion. 

Recovery for Bicyclists Hit by Cars

All that cyclists can do is operate their bikes cautiously and learn what options they have for recovery in the event of an accident. If you were hurt in a collision and have suffered serious injuries, know that you are not alone, and that you may have a path to obtaining compensation. 

Legal counsel is important at this stage, you will want to investigate the facts of the case, develop a persuasive argument, and potentially secure a settlement. The proceeds can be used to cover all the losses you’ve suffered, from medical expenses to wage loss, and more.  

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Bicycle Accident Statistics

How Many Cyclists Die Each Year?

Thousands of bicyclists are injured or killed annually. According to reports by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “nearly 1,000 bicyclists die and over 130,000 are injured in crashes that occur on roads in the United States every year.” 

Bicycle Fatalities in New York City

In New York City alone, roughly eight percent of traffic fatalities involve bicyclists, according to a study conducted by the League of American Bicyclists. The cost of bicycle injuries and deaths is more than $23 billion, when factoring in the amount of money spent on healthcare and lost work productivity, not to mention the decreased quality of life.

Where Do Most Fatal Accidents Occur?

Surprisingly, most fatal bike accidents don’t occur at intersections. In fact, 27% cyclist fatalities take place at intersections, while 64% happen streets away from intersections, where cars drive faster. Another factor that comes into play is drunk driving. According to the CDC, “About one-third of crashes that result in a bicyclist’s death involve alcohol for the motor vehicle driver and/or bicyclist.” 

Cycling Groups at Higher Risk for Bicycle Injuries & Death

For example, those between the ages of 55 and 69 have the highest level of risk for death. Teens and young adults have the highest level of risk for emergency room injuries. From a gender standpoint, men in bike accidents are six times more likely than their female counterparts to die. They are also five times more likely than women to be injured.

Of course, the injuries themselves have varying impacts. Bike injuries impact people differently depending on a number of factors, including age and gender. 

Safety Precautions for Bicyclists While Bike Riding

Helmets Help to Prevent Bicycle Injuries and Deaths

While all this information may seem grim, bike injuries and deaths can be prevented. In fact, the most efficient and effective step that you can take to minimize injuries is to simply wear a helmet.

Bike helmets reduce brain injury risks substantially, but not every helmet is made equal. Make sure the helmet that you’re wearing is of good quality, and that it fits your head appropriately. Doing so, could save your life. 

Bright, Reflective Clothing Helps Improve Visibility

Other safety interventions include the use of reflective clothing. Wearing bright, reflective clothes can make you, the cyclist, significantly more visible to drivers that are using the same roadway. 

Bicycle Front and Rear Lights

Lighting is crucial, too. In most states, bicyclists are required by law to install active lighting systems. This includes front white lights and rear red lights. In some cases, additional lighting that illuminates your bike may also be a requirement. 

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What To Do If You Were in a Bike Crash

If you are in a bike accident, there are several steps you should take to preserve the evidence for your legal claim. These steps also ensure that you are in the best possible position to move forward with a lawsuit. They are:

  1. Obtain medical care
  2. Speak with eye witnesses, law enforcement, and so forth.
  3. Collect photo evidence of the accident
  4. Provide requested information during a police report
  5. Get contact information for eyewitnesses who saw the bike crash

In the Case of a Known Sustained, Severe Injury

First, obtain necessary medical care. If you sustained severe injuries, do not spend time talking to eyewitnesses at the accident site. If you were hurt or injured, your number one priority is to get to a doctor and obtain the care you need to survive and recover. If you have any noticeable pain, call 9-1-1 to be safe. 

In the Case of Sustained, Minor Injuries

That being said, not all accidents give rise to “immediate” injury. In some cases, you may have an opportunity to speak with eyewitnesses, law enforcement, and others.

Take photos of your injuries and the accident, they can be used as evidence later to prove what you’re saying in court.  

If you’re around when police arrive on the scene, provide whatever information they request about the accident. But, don’t make any admissions that aren’t required. In fact, at this point, you could start to encounter challenges with matching your legal narrative to the perceived accident facts. To help guide you through this initial process, contact an attorney ASAP.

Your attorney, or yourself, can collect contact information from any eyewitnesses who saw the bike crash take place. This testimony is invaluable in developing an airtight, persuasive personal injury case. 

Find a Bicycle Accident Attorney to Help

If you are the victim of a bike crash, whether it involves a car or any other vehicle hitting a bicycle, you will want to find a skilled bicycle accident lawyer near you to handle your accident case

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