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How Can a Semi Truck Accident Attorney Help You? | Trucking Accident Lawyers

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How Can a Semi Truck Accident Attorney Help You? | Trucking Accident Lawyers

Commercial trucks and big rigs are essential to the American economy and way of life. Communities all over the U.S. rely on the commercial trucking industry for the goods and products they use every day. As such, virtually all motorists will regularly encounter large commercial trucks on the road. Typically, the vast majority of truck drivers are cautious, experienced, and attentive to other passenger vehicle drivers as well as motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.  

Even still, large trucks are inherently some of the most unsafe vehicles on the roadways because of their weight and size. Therefore, it’s imperative that all motorists use extreme caution when driving near large commercial trucks and understand what to do if they are involved in a truck wreck. 

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Truck Accident Laws

You should also be aware of your legal rights after experiencing a big rig crash. While any motor vehicle accident can result in severe damages, semi-truck crashes have a much greater risk of catastrophic and fatal injuries due to the immense force associated with these collisions. If you or someone you love recently suffered injuries and economic losses from a tractor-trailer or other commercial truck accident, representation from an experienced 18 wheeler accident lawyer is the best way to secure full and fair compensation for your damages. 

Truck accident lawyers are professionals of the law who specialize in representing clients suffering injuries and damages as a result of their truck accident. These attorneys will help make the often complex legal process of filing an injury claim and seeking and obtaining the monetary compensation you deserve much easier and sometimes faster. There are many reasons you should consider hiring a truck accident attorney. For example, consider the following things a seasoned trucking accidents lawyers can do in light of your situation. They are:

  1. Represent Your Interests Against Large, Powerful Trucking Carriers
  2. Collect Evidence and File Your Claim
  3. Determine Who is Liable for Your Injuries
  4. Deal With the Insurance Companies on Your Behalf
  5. Fight for the Compensation You Deserve
  6. Knowledge and Experience of the Law and Compensation Policies

Represent Your Interests Against Large, Powerful Trucking Carriers

Many commercial trucks are owned by larger trucking companies and carrier brands, some that have a nationwide, or even international, presence. Considering this, it is no wonder many of these companies have robust and highly successful legal teams, accident firms, and insurance companies to ensure they do not lose much profit if an accident happens. A seasoned trucking accident lawyer can make the legal process of an accident injury claim that much easier. They will stand up for your legal rights and represent you against other attorneys and legal professionals representing the other side. 

Collect Evidence and File Your Claim

Filing a truck accident injury claim can be complicated, confusing, and time consuming, even if you weren’t hurt. If you have serious or severe injuries, it can be even more difficult to navigate the legal process. Your injuries and extreme property damage can also further complicate your claim. For it to be successful, it should include a wide range of information and evidence. A truck injury lawyer can gather essential information and crucial evidence for your claim and file it for safe keeping, as it will be needed throughout the course of your case. Your tractor trailer accidents lawyer is well versed in the different types of information and evidence necessary for a successful claim, and they know how to present it in ways that will result in maximum compensation for you. 

Determine Who is Liable for Your Injuries

A skilled truck accidents attorney will also determine who is liable, or at fault, for your injuries. This might be an easy task in other types of motor vehicle accidents. However, liability in semi-truck collisions can be quite complicated. One or more of the following parties could be at fault for your accident: 

  • The truck driver 
  • The trucking company 
  • The truck manufacturer or distributor 
  • A parts manufacturer or distributor 
  • Cargo shippers and loaders 
  • Vendors hired by the trucking company 
  • Other motorists 
  • Government entities or their contractors 

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For example, suppose the trucking company hired a truck driver with a history of multiple DUIs. In addition, the cargo loaders failed to secure the truck’s cargo properly. In that case, the truck driver, trucking company, cargo loader, and potentially vendors could all be liable for the damages you suffer in an accident.  

Deal With the Insurance Companies on Your Behalf

Dealing with insurance companies and their representations and adjustors can be stressful, time-consuming, and counterproductive to your healing. Speaking with them can also put you at risk of accidentally saying something detrimental to harm your claim. When you hire a knowledgeable Semi truck accident lawyer, they will deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. You will not need to talk to anyone from the insurance company directly unless your attorney is present to represent you. This can give you the space and time you need to heal from your injuries.  

Fight for the Compensation You Deserve

Large trucking companies often use great lengths to ensure their profit isn’t touched by victims deserving of compensation for their pain and suffering. Hiring a well-versed truck accident attorney can ensure that you are represented fairly and get the maximum compensation you deserve. When you’re not at fault for an accident, you shouldn’t be held accountable for the damages that result. Large trucking companies must be held liable for their negligent and even intentional actions. An experienced 18 wheeler accident attorney will fight for the compensation you deserve, allowing you to focus on healing from your injuries and recovering financially. 

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Knowledge and Experience of the Law and Compensation Policies

After being involved in a big rig accident, it can be quite challenging to organize the legal aspects of the matter, especially if you were severely or catastrophically injured. A truck accident lawyer near me can provide you with vast knowledge of the applicable laws, insurance policies, and compensation regulations. They can also help you calculate the damage and losses you endured, so you can obtain fair and accurate compensation. 

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