What Does a Trucking Accident Lawyer Do? | Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, chances are that you’ve been considering a lawsuit with the help of an experienced trucking accident lawyer.   Good plan!  The first step to securing compensation is exploring your legal options, and broaching the possibility with a lawyer is an excellent way to get started. 

Here at 1-800-THE-LAW2, we operate a network of truck accident attorneys practicing in your area.  We encourage you to call us today to get connected.  Consultation is free and confidential, so it’s worth it to have your case evaluated and for guidance on how best to proceed. 

As you make your way through the litigation process, a truck accident lawyer will take on a number of different responsibilities on your behalf.  Don’t go through this process alone.  Going at it alone will undermine your ability to secure compensation. 

For now, let’s walk through some basics. 

Truck Accident Liability: the Basics 

As with any other motor vehicle accident, truck accidents can be linked to a variety of “legally problematic” behaviors.  You’ll have to evaluate whether the defendant’s (a truck driver, for example) actions rose to the level of negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct. 

Going through each of these in detail would fall outside the scope of this discussion, but let’s briefly explore negligence. 

All drivers have a responsibility to others on the roadway.  They have a “duty” to exercise reasonable care (under the circumstances) to avoid causing an accident.  Courts will evaluate a driver’s behavior by comparison to a similar “reasonable person” under those same circumstances.  If the driver acted out-of-step with the expected norm, and it caused an injury, then the court may find that they were negligent and liable.  The driver may be forced to pay compensation to the injured. 

Simple, right? 

Well, things tend to get more exciting (and more complicated) when they involve commercial trucking and trucking companies. 

Commercial Trucking, Big Rigs, Buses, and Other Unique Scenarios 

Depending on the case, the truck driver may not be the only party at-fault for causing your injuries.  Commercial vehicle accident lawyers understand that liability can extend to the driver’s employer, too. 

Thanks to a principle called “vicarious liability,” injury victims can sue and recover damages from a driver’s employer, so long as the driver was performing job responsibilities at the time of the accident.  So, for example, if you’re hit by a bus (that’s transporting passengers), you’d be entitled to sue the bus company. 

Why Bother Suing the Employer? 

Well, suing the employer is a brilliant strategic move.  Employers tend to have substantial insurance coverage, which can cover your damages in full.  They may also want to avoid the publicity of a lawsuit, and so are often more generous in making settlement offers. 

What Can a Truck Accident Attorney Do for Me? 

Truck accident attorneys are more than just advocates.  TV and movies have sold the public on the idea that attorneys are only around to “argue” with the opposition in court.  This is a myopic view of their responsibilities, however.  A truck accident attorney helps with all aspects of the claim, from start-to-finish: 

  • Gathering evidence, contacts, and other information 
  • Communicating with defendants, insurers, and other third parties on the plaintiff’s behalf 
  • Moving forward with a dynamic legal strategy 
  • Developing and presenting a persuasive legal argument  
  • Negotiating a settlement 
  • Submitting claims to insurers 
  • Investigating the truth through witness interrogations 
  • Pushing through to trial litigation if necessary 
  • Securing compensation after an award has been granted 
  • And more 

Phew!  That’s a lot.  So if you’ve been hit by a driver in a truck accident, no matter the situation (distracted driver, intoxicated driver, speeding driver, etc.), then you’ll want to consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer for guidance.  They will handle every aspect of your case so you don’t have to worry.  You can focus on recovering from your injuries and reintegrating yourself into everyday life. 

It’s worth noting that most injury lawyers operate on contingency.  They also offer free consultations.  This means that you don’t pay ANYTHING out of pocket until and unless you secure compensation.  At that point, they take a percentage cut of your overall compensation as a fee. 

Injured?  Contact 1-800-THE-LAW2 for a Free Consultation 

Were you injured in a truck accident?  Whether you were involved in an 18-wheeler crash or a semi truck crash (or even a bus collision), the law may entitle you to compensation.  It’s important to get in touch with a qualified truck accident lawyer ASAP for assistance.  Claims don’t last forever, so do speak to an attorney before the deadline “runs out.” 

Call us at 1-800-THE-LAW2 to get connected to an experienced trucking accident lawyer in just 10 minutes or less.  Consultation is free, and there’s no obligation to move forward if you decide you’d rather not. 

We look forward to helping you. 

How a Lawyer Can Maximize Your Truck Accident Settlement

You deserve full and fair compensation for your injuries. The best way to receive this is to hire an experienced attorney who can maximize your truck accident settlement. You can get the most out of your settlement with the expertise and guidance of a legal team who knows what it takes to represent victims such as yourself and win. 

According to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2021, deaths linked to motor vehicle accidents involving at least one large truck increased by 13 percent compared to the previous year. Overall, traffic fatalities increased by 10.5 percent. Tens of thousands more victims also suffered injuries in these crashes, leaving them with heavy physical, financial, and emotional burdens.  

While receiving money in a truck accident claim doesn’t undo the damages that have already been done, it can help you pay your bills and expenses, and alleviate some of the stress you face.  

Here’s how an attorney can help maximize your settlement.  

Understanding Your Claim’s Value 

Insurance companies delight in injury claimants who don’t have legal representation in part because they know they can typically get them to settle for much less than their claim is actually worth. Often, these injured victims are happy to receive any settlement, especially if it’s an early one. 

Suppose they haven’t yet taken the time to speak to an attorney about the details of their accident and injuries. In that case, they may accept a low settlement leaving a lot of money on the table that could have helped them recover from their accident.  

However, experienced truck accident attorneys know how much your claim is really worth and that you deserve much more than the minimum truck settlement. They are familiar with other cases like yours within your region and how much those cases have received in settlements or court awards. Your attorney will help you understand your claim’s value and do all they can to fight for you to receive it. It’s best to meet with a truck accident attorney as soon as possible after your accident. 

Protection from the Insurance Company 

Truck accident attorneys can also maximize your truck accident settlement by protecting you from the insurance company’s tactics to devalue or deny your claim. Not only do insurance companies often attempt to get claimants to settle before they know the value of their claim, but they also use several other strategies such as: 

  • Asking for a recorded statement and then twisting your words or asking leading questions about the accident or your injuries 
  • Acting like your friend, seeming genuinely concerned 
  • Telling you that they will take care of you, so you don’t need to hire an attorney 
  • Asking for copies of pre-accident medical records to try to blame your accident damages on old injuries 
  • Going through your social media accounts for evidence to use against you 

Once you hire a truck accident lawyer, you no longer have to interact with the insurance company directly. Instead, your attorney will handle all communications with them. In the event that you have to talk to them – for example, at a deposition –  your attorney will be there to protect your rights and guide you.  

Accident Investigation 

Your attorney will know how to investigate your accident thoroughly. This is imperative as you must pursue a claim against the appropriate party or parties to receive maximum compensation. 

If you pursue one against the wrong party, someone who isn’t liable for your damages, you won’t receive compensation. Additionally, there are often multiple parties at-fault for a truck accident. By pursuing a claim against all liable parties, you can potentially increase your compensation. For example, in a truck accident, the following parties could be responsible for your injuries: 

  • The truck driver 
  • The trucking company 
  • The truck or truck part’s manufacturer 
  • The company responsible for loading the cargo 
  • Other drivers 
  • Government agencies 

Including All Damages  

Your truck accident lawyer will also be familiar with all of your potential damages from the accident. Including all of your damages in your claim will help maximize the amount you receive. In general, truck accident victims can claim damages for both economic (special) and non-economic (general) damages. 

These include: 

  • Medical expenses such as ambulance, emergency, hospital, and doctor bills, prescriptions, and surgeries 
  • Medical equipment such as home oxygen, wheelchairs, or crutches 
  • Home modifications 
  • Therapies 
  • Lost wages and income 
  • Property damage 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Scarring and disfigurement 
  • Mental anguish 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life 
  • Loss of consortium 

Your lawyer will consider all of your damages when negotiating your settlement. There is no average settlement for commercial vehicle accidents or average payout for 18-wheeler accidents. Every case is unique, with its own details and various factors that can impact claim value. However,  your attorney can provide you with an estimate of how much your case could be worth at your initial meeting and as your case progresses.  

Settlement negotiations can take just a few weeks in simple cases where fault is apparent. On the other hand, more complicated cases, like those involving commercial trucks, can take several months or more. While it can be difficult to wait for your settlement, it’s best to be patient and let your lawyer go to work on your behalf, doing what they do best.  

Hire a Truck Accident Attorney Today 

With a seasoned truck accident attorney on your side, you can rest assured that your claim will reach its greatest potential, helping you recover physically, financially, and emotionally from an accident. 

You can connect with a lawyer today by calling 1-800-THE-LAW2 or completing our easy online form. In 10 minutes or less, you’ll be connected to a skilled attorney to discuss your questions and concerns and help you get your claim started.

Can I Sue for Being Hit by a Semi Truck? | Truck Accident Claim

Semi trucks are no joke. They are dangerous, heavy machines that can cause incredible destruction.  And yet, despite carrying tens of thousands of pounds of cargo, truck drivers are often not cautious enough while operating their vehicle. At times, they may participate in intoxication, exhaustion, distracted driving, speeding. This leads to driver negligence, which can, in turn, lead to an accident, and severe injury. In fact, even trucking companies can contribute to accidents by failing to properly load cargo, or by forcing drivers onto a strict shipping schedule. 

If you’ve been injured due to being hit by a semi truck, you may be entitled to sue for a significant amount of damages. But lawsuits aren’t always straightforward or easy to unpack. To maximize your chances of success, it’s important to secure the assistance of a personal injury attorney.  

Call 1-800-THE-LAW2 to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about your semi truck case.

Semi Truck Accidents

Why do semi trucks cause severe, or even fatal, injury in many cases? The answer is a matter of basic physics. Semi trucks weigh up to 20 times more than a typical four door car, this simple fact makes the collision impact force significantly greater in a semi truck accident of equal speed. A greater impact force means more severe injuries, as the impact force can crumple, crush, penetrate, and shatter your own vehicle’s protective materials. 

Given the likelihood of a severe, life-altering injury, immediate medical attention in a semi truck accident is of critical importance.  This has both medical and legal ramifications.  Not only will you receive the care you need for your injuries, but you’ll also be able to document the severity of those injuries (which will be important when arguing against an insurance company). 

How an Injury Lawyer Can Help With Your Truck Accident Claim

But how does an experienced personal injury lawyer fit into this dynamic?  What benefits and advantages do they provide? We’ll state it simply: do NOT move forward without an attorney. Period. Attorneys are necessary advocates. They go through years of schooling, certification, training, and practice, all to be able to handle cases like this. They know the deadlines that you have to meet in order to preserve your claim. They know the evidence that will have to be gathered to build a persuasive legal claim. They know how to counter the other side’s arguments, and how to navigate any unexpected twists and turns in the dispute. In other words, they know everything that you don’t about the law. 

Without an attorney, it is fair to say that you’ll not only secure less compensation than you would have with an attorney. But, you may even secure nothing, if you lose your case. 

What Can I Sue For In a Semi Truck Accident? 

In a semi truck accident, you may be wondering what damages you can actually sue, and recover, for, so let’s clear it up. Ultimately, you can sue others for any and all damages that they cause. For example, if you’re injured by a semi truck driver, you could potentially sue them for your:

We’ll go through each of these damages briefly. 

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses include any costs associated with diagnostics, treatment, medicines, surgery, and rehabilitation you received, or will continue to receive, because of the injuries you suffered. These expenses can be substantial, especially if the injuries are severe and life altering in some way. Worth noting: you can sue for medical expenses even if you have no out-of-pocket costs due to insurance coverage. 

Lost Wages

Lost wages account for the pay you didn’t receive due to having to miss work for some time after an injury. By contrast, lost earning capacity accounts for your injury’s impact on your ability to earn in the long term. This can include: the reduced salary you’d receive due to being less equipped for a promotion down the line. 

Property Loss

Property loss is exactly what it sounds like, damage to your vehicle and personal effects sustained in the accident. The cost to repair or replace these items needs to be included in the compensation you’re requesting. 

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering can be substantial in, and after, an accident. These damages account for the physical, psychological, and emotional pain that you have sustained as the victim. Quite a comprehensive category of damages, it accounts for the agonizing pain of a fracture injury. It also includes the pain of mental humiliation due to facial disfigurement. 

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer to Help with Your Truck Accident Claim

If you’ve been injured in a semi truck accident, don’t just ignore your legal claims. Get in touch with a skilled personal injury lawyer near you who can handle your case. Contact 1-800-THE-LAW2 today for a free and confidential consultation.

Can I Sue For Being Hit By A Truck? | Trucking Accident Lawyers

This article can help you answer or explain the following topics on Truck Accidents:

Large truck accidents killed 4,014 individuals in 2020. Of those who lost their lives, fifteen percent were truck occupants, 68 percent were in passenger vehicles, and the remaining 16 percent were either bicyclists, pedestrians, or motorcyclists. Sadly, 28 percent more people lost their lives in truck crashes in 2020 than in 2009 (the year it was the lowest since fatal crash data collection started in 1975). Additionally, the number of truck occupants who lost their lives was 35 percent more than in 2009.

If you or someone you love suffered severe, catastrophic, or fatal injuries after being hit by a truck, you have legal rights. One of those rights is to file a claim for compensation. If you don’t receive a full and fair settlement offer, you have the right to file a lawsuit to collect compensation. To help you navigate this often complex and lengthy process, it’s in your best interest to hire an experienced truck accident attorney.

Can I Sue For Being Hit By A Semi Truck?

You certainly have the right to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your damages after being injured in a semi-truck accident. Truck crashes can cause horrific injuries and high-dollar damages for which victims and their families deserve compensation.

However, before filing a lawsuit, you typically must file a claim with the at-fault parties’ insurance company. Depending on the specific details of your case, they may or may not offer you a settlement. If you have hired a truck crash lawyer, they can help negotiate a fair settlement with the appropriate parties. If they fail to offer you such a settlement, your next option is to file a lawsuit to seek a court award for compensation.

Who Is Liable For Your Truck Accident?

Truck crashes are legally complex, partly because multiple parties might be at fault. When more than one party is to blame, they often tend to point fingers at each other, making it even more challenging to reach a settlement agreement between all involved parties. Potentially liable parties in a truck accident include:

  1. Truck drivers
  2. Trucking carriers
  3. Other vendors
  4. Cargo shippers and loaders
  5. Truck and truck parts manufacturers
  6. Government entities and their contractors

Truck Driver

Some truck drivers behave negligently, for instance, by speeding or driving while fatigued or distracted. Truck drivers are also responsible for inspecting their trucks to ensure proper maintenance or cargo loading.


Truck companies are responsible for the vehicles and drivers it puts on the road, including hiring and training policies. Suppose they don’t perform thorough pre-employment checks, they could end up hiring truck drivers with poor driving records. And, those records may include DUIs or a history of breaking federal rules surrounding driving a big rig.  

Other Vendors

Depending on the size of a truck carrier’s business, there may be vendors involved that take on outsourced work, such as administrative duties, like recruiting truckers or completing background checks, or truck maintenance, repair, and dispatching work. Vendors can also complete any part of fleet operations. Any of these vendors can be held liable if their negligence contributes to a truck accident.

Cargo Shippers And Loaders

The cargo’s originator, shipper, loader, and transporter – are each responsible for applicable federal and state regulations. If they fail to follow them, they might be held for any injuries they cause.

Truck And Parts Manufacturers

Tire blowouts, problems with the steering or coupling (kingpin) systems, and brake failures can all be caused by defective trucks or parts. Sometimes truck accident claims turn into product liability claims if the manufacturer or distributor has liability for causing the accident.

Government Entities And Their Contractors

Sometimes roadway hazards, including soft shoulders or broken pavement, can cause or contribute to a big rig crash. In these instances, the local or state government entity responsible for that stretch of highway can be held accountable for any negligence. Additionally, negligent maintenance contractors hired by government agencies could be held liable if they performed defective work that resulted in an accident or if they set up a work zone that contributed to truck crashes.

Damages Arising from Truck Crashes

Compensation in personal injury claims, such as one resulting from a truck crash, is based on the injured party’s damages. Damages are a financial representation of the losses, changes, and inconveniences a victim, and sometimes their family suffers due to the actions of the negligent party. Damages can be economic and non-economic.

Examples Of Economic Damages Include:

  • Lost wages and income
  • Property damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Legal fees and expenses

Also known as special damages, economic damages are relatively simple to calculate as they generally have bills, receipts, or other types of proof of value.

Non-economic or general damages can be more challenging to prove as they don’t typically have evidence of their exact value.

Types of Non-Economic Damages Include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Humiliation
  • Mental anguish
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of a body part or bodily function
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

A full and fair settlement offer should account for both economic and non-economic damages. By working with an attorney, you can maximize your compensation.

A Commercial Truck Hit Me, What Now?

If you have been hurt by a commercial truck, an attorney can help you pursue a settlement or file a claim in court. To be connected with a qualified lawyer near you, call us now or you may fill out our contact form. Once it is submitted, an attorney will contact you within 10 minutes to discuss your case.

How Can a Semi Truck Accident Attorney Help You? | Trucking Accident Lawyers

Commercial trucks and big rigs are essential to the American economy and way of life. Communities all over the U.S. rely on the commercial trucking industry for the goods and products they use every day. As such, virtually all motorists will regularly encounter large commercial trucks on the road. Typically, the vast majority of truck drivers are cautious, experienced, and attentive to other passenger vehicle drivers as well as motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.  

Even still, large trucks are inherently some of the most unsafe vehicles on the roadways because of their weight and size. Therefore, it’s imperative that all motorists use extreme caution when driving near large commercial trucks and understand what to do if they are involved in a truck wreck. 

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Truck Accident Laws

You should also be aware of your legal rights after experiencing a big rig crash. While any motor vehicle accident can result in severe damages, semi-truck crashes have a much greater risk of catastrophic and fatal injuries due to the immense force associated with these collisions. If you or someone you love recently suffered injuries and economic losses from a tractor-trailer or other commercial truck accident, representation from an experienced 18 wheeler accident lawyer is the best way to secure full and fair compensation for your damages. 

Truck accident lawyers are professionals of the law who specialize in representing clients suffering injuries and damages as a result of their truck accident. These attorneys will help make the often complex legal process of filing an injury claim and seeking and obtaining the monetary compensation you deserve much easier and sometimes faster. There are many reasons you should consider hiring a truck accident attorney. For example, consider the following things a seasoned trucking accidents lawyers can do in light of your situation. They are:

  1. Represent Your Interests Against Large, Powerful Trucking Carriers
  2. Collect Evidence and File Your Claim
  3. Determine Who is Liable for Your Injuries
  4. Deal With the Insurance Companies on Your Behalf
  5. Fight for the Compensation You Deserve
  6. Knowledge and Experience of the Law and Compensation Policies

Represent Your Interests Against Large, Powerful Trucking Carriers

Many commercial trucks are owned by larger trucking companies and carrier brands, some that have a nationwide, or even international, presence. Considering this, it is no wonder many of these companies have robust and highly successful legal teams, accident firms, and insurance companies to ensure they do not lose much profit if an accident happens. A seasoned trucking accident lawyer can make the legal process of an accident injury claim that much easier. They will stand up for your legal rights and represent you against other attorneys and legal professionals representing the other side. 

Collect Evidence and File Your Claim

Filing a truck accident injury claim can be complicated, confusing, and time consuming, even if you weren’t hurt. If you have serious or severe injuries, it can be even more difficult to navigate the legal process. Your injuries and extreme property damage can also further complicate your claim. For it to be successful, it should include a wide range of information and evidence. A truck injury lawyer can gather essential information and crucial evidence for your claim and file it for safe keeping, as it will be needed throughout the course of your case. Your tractor trailer accidents lawyer is well versed in the different types of information and evidence necessary for a successful claim, and they know how to present it in ways that will result in maximum compensation for you. 

Determine Who is Liable for Your Injuries

A skilled truck accidents attorney will also determine who is liable, or at fault, for your injuries. This might be an easy task in other types of motor vehicle accidents. However, liability in semi-truck collisions can be quite complicated. One or more of the following parties could be at fault for your accident: 

  • The truck driver 
  • The trucking company 
  • The truck manufacturer or distributor 
  • A parts manufacturer or distributor 
  • Cargo shippers and loaders 
  • Vendors hired by the trucking company 
  • Other motorists 
  • Government entities or their contractors 

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For example, suppose the trucking company hired a truck driver with a history of multiple DUIs. In addition, the cargo loaders failed to secure the truck’s cargo properly. In that case, the truck driver, trucking company, cargo loader, and potentially vendors could all be liable for the damages you suffer in an accident.  

Deal With the Insurance Companies on Your Behalf

Dealing with insurance companies and their representations and adjustors can be stressful, time-consuming, and counterproductive to your healing. Speaking with them can also put you at risk of accidentally saying something detrimental to harm your claim. When you hire a knowledgeable Semi truck accident lawyer, they will deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. You will not need to talk to anyone from the insurance company directly unless your attorney is present to represent you. This can give you the space and time you need to heal from your injuries.  

Fight for the Compensation You Deserve

Large trucking companies often use great lengths to ensure their profit isn’t touched by victims deserving of compensation for their pain and suffering. Hiring a well-versed truck accident attorney can ensure that you are represented fairly and get the maximum compensation you deserve. When you’re not at fault for an accident, you shouldn’t be held accountable for the damages that result. Large trucking companies must be held liable for their negligent and even intentional actions. An experienced 18 wheeler accident attorney will fight for the compensation you deserve, allowing you to focus on healing from your injuries and recovering financially. 

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Knowledge and Experience of the Law and Compensation Policies

After being involved in a big rig accident, it can be quite challenging to organize the legal aspects of the matter, especially if you were severely or catastrophically injured. A truck accident lawyer near me can provide you with vast knowledge of the applicable laws, insurance policies, and compensation regulations. They can also help you calculate the damage and losses you endured, so you can obtain fair and accurate compensation. 

Connect with a Truck Accident Lawyer Today

As an accident victim, it’s in your best interest to retain a lawyer immediately. To connect with a qualified truck accident lawyer near you, fill our contact form. An attorney will be in touch within 10 minutes to discuss your case. 

What is the Average Semi Truck Accident Settlement? | Truck Injury Lawyer

Semi truck accidents can cause significant damage. Due to their size and weight, most semi trucks have the potential to cause severe and life changing injuries, in the event of an accident. When a collision with a semi truck occurs, the victims may suffer injuries that cause them to incur substantial physical, emotional, and financial losses.

If you’ve been harmed in such an accident, then you’re probably curious as to whether you’re even owed compensation, and what is the average semi truck accident settlement that you can expect. Contact 1-800-THE-LAW2 to get connected with a truck injury lawyer near you.

Read on to learn more about how semi truck accident settlements are valued, and what you can do to maximize your compensation. Click on any of the topics to go directly to the section.

Seeking Compensation After Truck Accidents  

Who May Be Responsible?

The process of seeking compensation after a semi or commercial truck accident is somewhat more complex than the process after a “normal” car accident. Here are three ways trucking accident claims differ from auto accident claims.

  1. Semi truck accidents are usually more severe
  2. Trucking accidents often involve a third party
  3. Truck companies can have complicated commercial insurance policies

How Truck Accidents Are Different from Car Accidents

Trucking Accidents Are a Serious Issue

Semi truck accidents tend to be more severe. The losses are more comprehensive and substantial. As such, the stakes are high. It’s not enough to simply accept a low settlement payout and move on, you need to be compensated to the maximum possible extent, because your life may have been changed entirely. 

Third Party Liability in Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents often involve a third-party. This can complicate the litigation, as you may have unique claims against one or more different parties. 

Third Party Examples

Examples of a third party for tractor trailer accidents are:

  • the employer
  • a warehouse
  • a loading company
  • and so forth

Complicated Commercial Insurance Policies for Trucks

Trucking companies typically make use of large-scale commercial insurance policies that can be difficult for the average person to navigate. Given this complexity, it’s absolutely critical that you seek proper legal assistance. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Trucking Accident Attorney?

Accident claims for trucks and truck drivers require specialized, experienced advocacy. At 1-800-THE-LAW2, an accident lawyer costs nothing. There are zero out of pocket costs. Your truck accident lawyer will only take a “cut” of your overall accident compensation, which will likely be much higher than it would have been had you attempted to handle the injury case yourself. There’s no downside to working with a semi truck accident lawyer, it’s simply how the system works. 

Average Semi Truck Accident Settlement

Legally, semi truck companies are required to carry insurance, and these policies have substantial coverage. Because of this, the “average semi truck accident settlement” is relatively high compared to most small vehicle settlements

What Kind of Damages Can Be Awarded?

Every accident is different, so an “average” will not provide any real insights into what you stand to recover through a semi truck accident lawsuit. Instead, we can tell you what damages you may be entitled to in your accident claim. 

These damages include accident compensation for: 

  • Loss of quality of life 
  • Property damage 
  • Punitive damages 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Medical expenses 
  • Lost income and wages 
  • Loss of future compensation 
  • Emotional distress 
  • And more 

These losses are added up to determine the total value of your settlement. Have a personal injury lawyer review your semi truck accident lawsuit and the documentation of your losses to calculate a reasonable settlement expectation. 

Work With a Seasoned Semi Truck Accident Attorney 

An experienced lawyer can increase the odds that you recover the maximum possible compensation in your commercial trucking accident. It’s important to work with someone who understands the complexities of personal injury law and who will serve your interests passionately. 

Here at 1-800-THE-LAW2, our network includes experienced attorneys for semi truck, commercial truck, tractor trailer, and big rig accidents who are committed to helping injured victims obtain compensation and move on with their lives. They will work tirelessly on your behalf. 

Call us today for a free consultation and to find an attorney near you.